BT and BTGM are now ISO certified

In May 2018, the two companies Battermann & Tillery and Battermann & Tillery Global Marine successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. The certification board recognised the company’s particularly high standards in quality management.

Effective quality management is essential in order to record, consider and implement customer requirements as well as developments within the organisation itself. In order to become eligible for ISO certification, an organisation is audited to ensure that it meets the requirements of certification in specific areas. The audit includes documenting the organisation’s official goals and defining the area of application of the quality management within the organisation. Furthermore, it is verified whether all employees are sufficiently trained and whether there are sufficient human and technical resources available in order to be able to meet the customers’ requirements. Internal quality assurance, appointment of a quality manager, further training of employees as well as surveys on customer satisfaction will ensure that Battermann & Tillery will maintain and continue to expand their high standards in quality management in the future.