Technical Surveys

Technical surveys

In case of major claims, our technical experts and mechanical engineers travel the world on behalf of our principals in order to assess the damage.

Our technical experts command in-depth and comprehensive expertise, particularly in the areas of machinery and equipment, wind energy, aviation, passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as machine breakdown, infrastructure and hull damage in the railway sector.


  • Machinery and equipment
  • Railway sector
  • Aviation
  • Passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Product liability

Main areas of expertise for machinery:

  • Conventional and CNC machinery as well as machining centres (machined manufacturing processes as well as laser and plasma cutting equipment)
  • Damage to machinery for the plastics industry (injection moulding machines, extruders and calenders)
  • Transport-related damage to production equipment for the semiconductor industry (including MOCVD equipment) 
  • Mechanical and electronic irregularities to measurement and laboratory equipment (coordinate measuring machines, mass spectrometers, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, medical technology)
  • Transport damage to oil-filled power transformers and dry-type transformers, particularly damage to active parts (shifting of the core, insulation damage, risk assessment)
  • Transport damage and machinery breakdown damage on large gears, e.g. wind power plants, cement mills, particularly damage to the rolling bearings and the gear teeth
  • Damage resulting from transport or machine breakdown to special purpose machinery, e.g. in the printing, packaging, or beverage industries
  • Transport and operations-related damage to valves and pressure vessels, particularly corrosion impairments and production-related deficiencies

Technical Experts

Marcus Krüger

André Benditte

Arne Oppermann

Henning Lindner

Thomas Steiert

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