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Cargo damage

We have been working as cargo experts since 1913. While historically we were specialised in raw materials of all kinds, today we have comprehensive in-depth expertise and extensive product knowledge regarding almost any cargo.

Our specialised fields include machinery and technical equipment, temperature-controlled goods, foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables, commodities, steel products, pharmaceutical products, grains and cereals, household goods and personal effects, automotive, consumer goods of all kinds and much more.


The marine sector constitutes one of the core competencies of the Battermann + Tillery Group. Our services include assessment of damage sustained in ocean transportation, evaluation of damage to yachts, inland vessels and pleasure crafts as well as surveys of containers.

Furthermore, we offer consulting in the area of loss prevention, we conduct loading and discharge inspections, carry out cargo securing calculations and cause analyses for our principals. Also, we act as risk-management consultants for the insurance industry, manufacturing industry, as well as logistics and shipping companies.

Loss prevention

As consultants, we primarily conduct risk analyses and various types of inspections and verifications.

The main tasks of our risk consultants include the attendance during heavy-lift and project cargo loading operations, examining of method statements, calculation and approval of cargo securing measures on all modes of transport, risk analyses of warehouses, consulting on transport packaging, supply-chain risk analyses, investigations of basic losses and individual risk management.

Technical surveys

In case of major claims, our technical experts and mechanical engineers travel the world on behalf of our principals in order to assess the damage.

Our technical experts command in-depth and comprehensive expertise, particularly in the areas of machinery and equipment, wind energy, aviation, passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as machine breakdown, infrastructure and hull damage in the railway sector.

Salvage sales

In order to actively support our clients with loss mitigation, our in-house salvage sales department also carries out the tendering and processing of the sale of damaged goods on behalf of cargo owners.

The entire process from tendering to sale and disposition of the goods is transparently and comprehensibly outlined for our principals. Alternatively, we are happy to establish contact with domestic and international buyers.

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