Battermann & Tillery turns 105

Battermann & Tillery celebrates 105 years of tradition and service in Bremen. Since opening their doors in 1913, the company has been active in the field of surveying and become an international service provider for transport, cargo and storage damage as well as loss prevention.

The Battermann & Tillery Group looks back on an astounding 105 years of company history and the wealth of experience gained during that time. The company was established on 08 July 1913 under the name “Battermann & Nülle”. After the two co-founders passed away, Rudolf Tillery took over as sole holder in 1931. After his death in 1957, his son Helmut Tillery carried the company tradition onward. His founded expertise in the cotton trade proved to be superbly advantageous to the company, and services in inspection of cotton became a major line of business for Battermann & Tillery.

Over the following years, the economic boom in Germany left its mark. In the 60s, the volume of business steadily continued to grow with rising import trade taking place by way of the Bremen seaports. The replacement of classical general cargo shipping with container shipping had its influence on Battermann & Tillery’s operations. Cargo was no longer unloaded exclusively at the port, rather transported in containers directly to the customer. While general cargo shipping continued to play an important role in the 70s and 80s, business operations steadily shifted more and more towards domestic transport in the following years.

On 01 April 1974, Percy Tillery joined the company upon completing his education. On
02 January 1980, he took over the company now in the third generation and became managing director. With the assistance of new technology and the advancing globalisation, the operational field of the company was expanded, and the company’s surveyors amassed knowledge in ever more areas of expertise. Battermann & Tillery grew steadily and thus, relocated to the current-day headquarters in the Bremen Überseestadt and created a nationwide network of branch offices.

Patrick Tillery, Percy Tillery’s son, joined the company in 2001 and since 2010 has run the business together with his father as managing partner. Nowadays, the Battermann & Tillery Group is made up of two companies in Germany with 20 branch offices and 121 employees. The business group also runs subsidiaries in Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, and Romania. Battermann & Tillery Group stands for impartial neutrality in cooperation with principals and underwriters, and is esteemed for this worldwide by their numerous clients.

About the company:

Battermann & Tillery Group currently operates 24 branch offices in five countries. Founded in 1913 in Bremen, the company stands for a long tradition of neutral surveyors for worldwide insurance markets and the transport sector. The company group draws on a worldwide network of surveyors who apply their expert knowledge directly where it is needed, which makes the Battermann & Tillery Group one of the largest cargo and marine surveyors of Europe.