TMN Survey Group

TMN Survey Group is a professional network of surveying companies with its own agents covering the whole of Europe and most parts of the world.

All member companies are carefully selected and are among the leading surveying companies in terms of quality and size in their country.

Acting on behalf of insurers, brokers, forwarding companies and numerous branches of industry, network members are able to instruct the agent in the country in question, meaning that surveys can be held and monitored all over the world with correspondence and the survey report in the required language. Alternatively, all TMN Survey Group member companies can of course be instructed directly.

We see our main area of expertise in the comprehensive and qualified assessment of damage sustained by all types of commodities during transport by rail, road, air or sea.

Battermann & Tillery is the appointed TMN agent in Germany, Austria, Romania and Turkey.


For a high level of performance, the members of the TMN Survey Group Association awarded Battermann & Tillery (Germany) at the Annual General Meetings in 2012, 2015 and 2017. We were presented the “Award for Excellence in Surveying”. Many thanks!

AIMU - American Institute of Marine Underwriters

The American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) has over 100 years of service as the trade association representing the United States ocean marine insurance industry.

AIMU provides an active program of support services to assist the U.S. marine insurance industry in providing its global customers with a level of performance unsurpassed in the world. Its worldwide network of surveyors (Correspondents) aids its members in handling claims with speed and efficiency.

Battermann & Tillery is the appointed AIMU correspondent for Hamburg, Frankfurt and Bremerhaven.

Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. & Co.

After the successful merger of Verein Hamburger Assecuradeure and Verein Bremer Seeversicherer e.V. into the new association Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. in 2000 it was decided to found the VHT Service GmbH which eventually was registered in Bremen on 09. August 2001. The one and only associate of VHT Service GmbH is Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V.

Both are furnished with exclusive rights to represent the company separately VHT Service GmbH offers maritime services in the same scope as Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V. Customers are companies, enterprises, associations, etc. who are not members of Verein Hanseatischer Transportversicherer e.V.

Battermann & Tillery is the appointed VHT average agent for Bremen, Bremerhaven and Freiburg.

WK Webster & Co Ltd

Battermann & Tillery are proud to be survey agents for the whole of Germany for W K Webster & Co Ltd (WKW). WKW are a world-leading Marine Claims Handling operator, providing claims handling services for their international clientele through regional offices in London, Singapore and New York / Los Angeles. The WKW service range for cargo insurers splits into claims handling, the pursuit of recoveries on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis and the handling of cargo insurer’s interests in major casualties which often involve General Average and / or Salvage negotiations. Another department provides services for Hull & Machinery insurers. The wholly owned subsidiaries ISA (International Surveyors & Adjusters) and Seawise Maritime Services provide survey services for Cargo and Hull & Machinery respectively whereas ITAL - International Transit & Liability and Pandi Claims handle claims on behalf of liability insurers for ships and transport / logistics operators.

The Cargo Casualty Management (CCM) department is involved in most major casualties, often on behalf of a multitude of insurers with interests on the same casualty, and therefore offers significant economies of scale. The service has grown well beyond the handling of General Average and Salvage and now extends to losses occurring from piracy, fraud, vessel breakdown, sanctions etc., indeed all events where an entire vessel is prevented from delivering its cargo to the original destination.

In the United Kingdom as well as Rotterdam, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles, ISA International Surveyors & Adjusters provide Cargo Survey services including the investigations of missing cargoes from theft etc., loss prevention and risk assessment services from four locations. ISA are founder members of the British Association of Caro Surveyors (BACS) and, like Battermann & Tillery, members of the international TMN network of cargo surveyors.

ITAL International Transit & Liability with offices in London, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles represent the interests of liability insurers in the transport, logistics and related industries. Whether sea, air or land, ITAL will defend claims from cargo interests and protect recovery / subrogation rights against other operators in the contractual chain.

Seawise Maritime Services provide Hull & Machinery survey services world-wide from their bases in London and Singapore whereas Pandi Claims in London defends claims against P&I Clubs and fixed premium ship liability insurers in the UK, Europe and the world.

WKW maintain their own dedicated network of agents in all relevant locations in the world, details of these together with more information on the services provided can be found on their website

Battermann & Tillery GmbH as agents of WK Webster have surveyors in 21 locations all over Germany but have requested that all survey instructions are referred to their Bremen head office only.


WE Cox Claims Group / Ceemis

WECCG represent Insurance Companies on a global basis providing a professional worldwide Marine Claims Settling / Survey service. From the head office in the UK and the Far East regional office in Hong Kong, together with a network of Survey Agents, WECCG are able to provide a 24 hour / 7 days a week service to clients and their Insured and can respond immediately to any problem that may arise anywhere in the world. WECCG provide expertise to Marine Insurers in the following fields:

  • Worldwide Claims Settling & Survey Service
  • Centralised Claims Handling Service
  • Risk Assessment / Loss Prevention
  • The Provision of General Average and Salvage Security

Battermann & Tillery are appointed as WECCG survey agent in the following cities: Hamburg, Rostock, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Munich, Berlin, Leipzig, Duisburg and Bucharest.

IUMI – International Union of Marine Insurance

Battermann & Tillery is a professional partner of IUMI – International Union of Marine Insurance.

It is IUMI´s mission to represent, safeguard and develop insurers' interests in marine and transport insurance.

In fulfilling its mission, IUMI, inter alia:

  • advances the interests of the marine insurance business
  • fosters the cooperation of national markets on marine issues
  • facilitates the exchange and dissemination of information relating to marine insurance and technology
  • promotes cooperation with other international governmental and non-governmental marine organisations and associations
  • and promotes quality underwriting.

IUMI´s values are professionalism, global network and co-operation, tradition, innovation and leadership.
To visit the IUMI website please click

1,422 locations worldwide - 20 in Germany - with currently 2,018 surveyors