Loss Prevention

Loss prevention

As consultants, we primarily conduct risk analyses and various types of inspections and verifications.

The main tasks of our risk consultants include the attendance during heavy-lift and project cargo loading operations, examining of method statements, calculation and approval of cargo securing measures on all modes of transport, risk analyses of warehouses, consulting on transport packaging, supply-chain risk analyses, investigations of basic losses and individual risk management.


  • Attendance during project cargo loading operations and inspection of cargo securing in ocean transport (including heavy-lift operations pursuant to IMO Annex 13)
  • Project cargo risk management
  • Cargo securing calculations and inspections for all modes of transport
  • Warehouse risk analyses/assessments
  • Packaging consultations (Transport packaging)
  • Supply chain risk analyses
  • Trainings/seminars for all common transport risks


Nicolas Gabriel

Jonas Harmstorf

Capt. Marc Sommerfeld

Christian Bohlken

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