Experience and tradition

Established in 1913 in Bremen, Germany, Battermann & Tillery GmbH has maintained the tradition of independent surveyors. To this day, we continue to offer our services to global insurance markets and the transportation industry. Now in its fourth generation, our family business continues to develop and grow. Particularly, the recent decades have been marked by steady growth.

We currently operate 24 branch offices in 4 countries as well as a global network of surveyors. Thus, we are available wherever our expert advice and services are needed and valued. We are able to offer this service because Battermann & Tillery operates on a local, national and global scale and is currently one of the largest companies of cargo surveyors in Europe.

Quality is our main concern

A special team of experts attends to quality assurance in a centralised manner in order to maintain and preserve our quality standards which we apply to each and every survey report. Quality assurance is managed by experienced sworn surveyors. Thus, every single report from the network of branch offices is reviewed, checked and archived in Bremen based on the dual control principle. This kind of quality control guarantees consistently high quality for our clients as well as a coherent image.

Our core business:


Cargo damage surveys of all kinds


Marine surveys of goods that suffered damage during sea transport, hull and hold surveys and project cargo risk management


Coordination and supervision of surveys around the world


Assessment of packaging techniques, loading and unloading surveys and cargo securing and lashing supervision on sea going vessels and trucks

Due to the large network of our own staff surveyors, we have a unique in-house pool of knowledge at our disposal. In most cases, our experts and cargo surveyors are graduate engineers in the fields of transportation, traffic engineering, mechanical engineering and nautical science. Additional specialists in our team of experts include lawyers, forwarding specialists, graduates with business administration degrees and cargo insurance specialists. Many of our surveyors are officially appointed experts registered with the respective Chambers of Commerce.

To guarantee the highest level of service, our staff surveyors receive on-going and regular training by the TMN Academy and other institutions.

The management and staff with Battermann & Tillery remain committed to providing reliable and high-quality services for all customers and to assessing claims objectively and without prejudice. We constantly strive to ensure that all necessary action is taken in the interest of preventing and minimising loss.

Executive Directors:
Patrick Tillery & Percy Tillery